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Project Description

Indian Institution of Export and Import Management (IIEIM) was founded in 1990 as a CAUSE GROUP with GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. IIEIM is a pioneering organization in the sense that it is the only one of its kind with sharp focus on Foreign Trade / International Business Education, Training and Research. Its Programme are designed to be unique, innovative, Contemporary, significant, futuristic and highly utility oriented. IIEIM is committed to high standards and Needs of the Nation (World). IIEIM was formally inaugurated in 1992 by the then Dy. Minister of Commerce, Govt. of India. It is a non profit Institution registered under the society / Public Trust Act and is a permanent Member of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – IIFT (set up by the Ministry of Commerce – Govt. of India).
World Trading System which is under going swift and perceptible changes and the imperatives of GLOBALISATION OF BUSINESS has created an increasing need for a new breed of Managers and motivated Entrepreneurs well geared in the art and science of managing enterprises dealing with highly complex International Business environment. In this challenging task, IIEIM -has been able to play a significant role. IIEIM wants to be more effortive, unique and a role model; its role envisages as;- (I) A Centre for Education & Training in the area of International Business for the Corporate Sector and Student Community. (II) A Centre continuously upgrading its knowledge – base to service the needs of the Government, Trade, Industry and research students. (III) A Catalyst synergising new ideas and skills with Global Perspective and for the Globalisation of the Indian / World Economy.

Project Specification

Indian Institution of Export and Import Management
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