Bio-Matric Software

Bio-Matric Software Development

AdvertSneak offering of COTS software products fulfills a variety of critical functions for fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and iris recognition towards biometric identification and authentication applications. Functionality enabled includes enrollment, image autocapture and quality assurance, hardware abstraction, mobile enrollment and authentication, standards compliance, workflow and routing, subsystem integration, data management, fingerprint, face, and iris recognition, scalable biometric identification and authentication, and advanced text search, name matching, and identity resolution.

As advances in biometrics proliferate in global markets, AdvertSneak Technologies identifies areas requiring product development, analyzes market demand, and builds cutting-edge biometric software solutions that will extend quantifiable value to our business partners and their clients

In addition to customizing cost-effective solutions for your company, our Development Team has the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects, offering an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.

Biometrics have quickly become a popular way to track time attendance for companies across the world.

The technology adds security to the time tracking software and prevents employees from stealing company time, security of employees or students in school, by punching fellow employees/students in or out. Below are the few benefit:

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